Badge search to ensure contractor safety and insurance while in your home

Certificate & Licence Verification

The Entuitive Compliance Inc. solution simplifies the onboarding process based on a contractor's location and the services they provide. Through a guided interface, all the necessary licences and certifications, and their expiry dates, are captured and verified to ensure full compliance at all times. Real-time reminder notifications and dashboards allow contractors to remain current at all times.

compliance management system

QR Code Badging System

Our digital badging system allows everyone working with local Installers to easily verify insurance and compliance status as well as to confirm identity.

Verified Employee Website Badge

In today's dynamic business landscape, maintaining compliance and upholding the highest standards is of paramount importance. Our Employee Compliance Widget offers a solution that display’s the background screening results, credentials, and qualifications of your employees, including licenses and certifications, all in one accessible platform that can be shared on your company website.

Add our Verified Employee Badge to your Website

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