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1 - 10 Employees

Great for small companies
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  • Unlimited Properties
  • Detailed Reporting

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  • Unlimited Properties
  • Detailed Reporting
compliance management system

Get your compliance on track

The Entuitive Compliance Tracker Central Suite is a modular enterprise and SAAS software solution for contractor management designed to keep track of contractors’ certifications, health and safety training, and other related documentation specific to each particular work site, helping to ensure adherence to workplace health and safety regulations and mitigating risk. Using the secure, field-based smartphone cloud system, Entuitive Compliance stores, time stamps, dates, and tracks all documents, keeping a data trail, all in real-time, and all at a competitive price.

compliance management system

Streamline Your Compliance Process

Our compliance management system provides a single data hub for your contractor management program where all data can be stored. It eliminates the need for multiple programs and allows you to complete your processes from start to finish entirely within the compliance solutions.

compliance tracker

Mitigate Risk Before and After Incidents Occur

Our Trackers can help prevent incidents before they happen in many different ways. By validating all pertinent professional designations (licenses, certificates, etc.) you can ensure that you are always working with fully certified professionals, while features like location tracking ensure that workers are where they are supposed to be.If an incident occurs, having accurate records can be a huge advantage in avoiding negative financial outcomes. Digitally time and date stamped records show a commitment to workplace safety and that a company is doing its due diligence to prevent dangerous incidents from happening. In addition, detailed work logs which record when and how work was rendered enable insured parties to identify and implement measures to mitigate potential risk by identifying patterns in the data.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs Across The Board

Our Trackers help you reduce costs in many ways. Minimize the number of fines associated with unknowingly hiring unlicensed or uninsured contract workers. Reduce the amount of time spent completing paperwork, etc., saving the man-hours involved in the entire process. Reduce the duplication of data in multiple systems and the associated costs.​

entuitive compliance

Solutions That Fit Your Specific Needs

Each tracker uses specific features according to the needs of the job. Multiple trackers can be combined, allowing you to create the perfect system for your needs.

Compliance Tracker™

Our Enterprise Solution enables our clients to validate the identity and credentials of all hired contractor workers and vendors from any web-enabled device or computer. Housed within hired contractors’ QR code photo ID badges and digital ID badges are pertinent professional licenses and training, health and safety certificates, and certificates of insurance, which is shown in real-time with a simple scan of the badge. Compliance Tracker™ helps you to manage by exception and hire with confidence, ensuring that work being done is performed by qualified professionals.


Our software is easy to use and intuitively designed from the start, without any training or guidance. To ensure that your team gets up to speed as quickly as possible, we are always happy to arrange free training and support sessions with you and your workforce.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually. 

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